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wall mounting T.V. Bracket for 17' ' - 42' ' screen

Nowadays, it is very common people are using LCD, LED or Plasma televison screens instead of traditional CRT screen televisons. No doubt that this change is because of the advance features of the technology, this is also compact in size save your a lot of space. If you hang these products on wall, its grace even increases.
We have borught a special product that will support you to mount your screen on wall and it will also ensure its safty that it should not fall down.

About the Item
  • Fixed mounting
  • Articulating blade movement
  • 17 inches to 42 screen handling capacity
  • Compact Design
best TV screen holders for wall mounting in canada
LCD, LED, Plasma tv wall mounting
TV wall mounting bracket for all brands
hand your 42 inch 55 inch 70 inch tv on wall
best tv wall mounting holders in canada

high lights

  • All brand TV mounting option
  • Ajustable height
  • Ultra Slim & space saving
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Made of sturdy steel construction material

How to Buy

To purchase products from us, we providing these on a lot of platforms. First of all you can purchase it directly form our office by visiting, if your location is nears to us. Otherwise online sale of our products is also even available, You can directly purchase it here, just simple made the the payment to our mentioned account number or scan the QR code shown next to you & share your details with us. We shall courier you the ordered product. Last but not the least this is also available on Amazon, just Click here to buy this.
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* Actual product may have little variation from the pictures shown above.


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