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hidden camera bluetooth speaker

If you are having the precious things in your office or at the home and in your absence some persons remain present, then you may be worried the security of your these belongings. Many of the people make the use of the CCTV camera, but as these are very common then suspects are even aware about these. So you need hidden camera surveillance.

You don't need to know the whole alphabet of Safety. The A, B, C of it will save you if you follow it: Always Be Careful." - Colorado School of Mines Magazine

You must prefer such gadget that quite different from an ordinary camera surveillance device. Hidden Camera can be the best option in such situation, you even cannot differentiate this from a normal bluetooth speaker. Its camera will let you know that who is trying to take the advantage of the your absence.

  • Support to Wifi
  • 1080p Video Recording
  • Photo click option
  • Wireless Connector
  • Compact Design
Best quailty hidden camera based bluetooth speaker

Why the people need hidden Camera wall clock

There are some facts that it is not possible to reveal the name in one's presence or in any way with one's own surveillance. It is therefore important to make the person you suspect feel that he or she is completely alone and that no one is watching or monitoring him or her technically. but if such environment is provided in actual then how will you expose that person. The answer is make the use of hidden camera.
Or suppose you have an employee to take care of your children or parents and have doubts about their performance, whether they do their job honestly or not. In this case, if you put a simple cctv camera on a place, then that persons will be alert at that place and will start recklessness as soon as you move away from it. In this case, the best way is to use a hidden camera so that we can test its integrity. We have brought for you a hidden camera in the wall clock that solves all your problems.

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Best bluetooth speakers with hidden camera
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Camera Quality

high lights

  • Similar to an ordianry bluetooth speaker
  • Wifi IP DVR connection
  • Real Time Viewable from anywhere
  • Point to point connection
  • Desktop/Laptop Data transfer Option
  • Motion Detection
  • Memory card insertion provision

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