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hidden camera charger

Sometimes you may feel your self in such condition, when you to allow somebody to remains in your premises even in your absence and you want to that person under surveillance but without make him/her awarness about the surveillance. Just imagine your office stuff is often lost in your absence, how do you find someone responsible for it?

Evidence will terminate any short or long era of an argument." - Bamigboye Olurotimi

In your routine life you may be going through these happenings, you may even have an idea about the responsible persons for such happening but due to the lack of evidence, you will not be the position to take an action against responsible ones.
We IT People Ltd. is providing the solution to this problem with the installation of camera as your surveillance solution. But specialty of this Camera will not look like traditional CCTV so that burglars even canít get any idea about the existence of cameras. So, we are providing the Hidden Camera Charger. You just need to place this in your general port plug and nobody can judge that you have installed a camera in your premises.

  • Audio Recording Option
  • UP to 1080 Video Recording
  • Real HD resolution 1920x1080 video
  • Up to 128 Extensible GB Memory
  • USB Support
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need & use of hidden Camera Charger

There are many situations in our daily life when we have to leave our belongings, even our family members in the hands of someone who may be a stranger. Now the question is how does that person work in our absence or do any harm to us or anything of ours.
Use of the hidden Camera is the best option that will not let him/her even become aware about the presence of the installed camera for surveillance. Many of the working couple who are leaving babies into the custody nannies, they use such device that let them known about the behavior of nannies about their children.
This method is even applied at many work places so that if you are the boss or running an organization, you must have the awareness that who working well even in your absence and who is shirking form the work. Many of the businesses have already caught the cheaters, frauds, theifs.


Camera Quality

high lights

  • Easy to use
  • 100% hidden, no sound, no indications
  • Auto recording option
  • Card protection to keep data safe against curruptions
  • Desktop/Laptop Data transfer Option
  • Protect your children, parents and your belongings
  • 120 degree viewing
  • Motion dectection feature

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