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hidden camera glasses

We IT People Ltd. understand that the security of a person is very storng concern. You may be feeling insecurity in your daily routine due certain conditions or the reasons. Sometimes you face such conditions, when someone force you to do what you don't want and due to the lack of evidence you even can't expose him/her. We IT People Ltd. is here to help you.

A picture is worth a thousand words....... and a video is worth a million pictures...." - Ankala Subbarao

We are providing a special product which seems like the ordinary sun glasses, sports camera glasses or spectacles but there is a hiiden embed within it. That Camera can help to keep the record whatsoever you facing. If anyone is harasshing in alone and you unable to expose that person due to the lack of evidence, now that can easily be exposed. Concerned person even cannot imagine that he/she is being record by a camera.

  • Excellent Audio Recording
  • UP to 1080 Video Recording
  • Photo click option
  • Up to 32 Extensible GB Memory
  • Battery Powered
  • USB Support
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need & use of Hidden Camera Glasses

Nowadays we often face situations where we are forced to do something that is not possible for a human being or our conscience does not allow it. Such incidents often happen alone or out of sight of the world and due to lack or absence of evidence we are not even able to expose the mentally sick person.
Many of the people use such devices when they are going for secret shopping means purchasing of uncommon products. Many people utilize this option, when they are entering in the dangerous place or area. Primary advantage of using this device work hand free mode, it remains near to your eyes, so what you are watching can easily be recorded.
This is very much useful for the candidate whos are going to attend the interviews, first it will let you keep the record of the questioning & answering, for reference purpose, another it will not let you be cheated to cut your marks even against the correct response because you have an evidence for your each response.


Camera Quality

high lights

  • Single Button Operations
  • SD Card Slot for Extension of Memory
  • Reset option
  • USB Charging
  • Desktop/Laptop Data transfer Option
  • Allow to record video, however you are driving, cycling or travelling.
  • Easy to plug & play
  • Work with number operating systems like WinXP, Vista, Win ME and many more.

How to Buy

To purchase products from us, we providing these on a lot of platforms. First of all you can purchase it directly form our office by visiting, if your location is nears to us. Otherwise online sale of our products is also even available, You can directly purchase it here, just simple made the the payment to our mentioned account number or scan the QR code shown next to you & share your details with us. We shall courier you the ordered product. Last but not the least this is also available on Amazon, just Click here to buy this.


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