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Types of networking

There are two primary types of computer networking: wired networking and wireless networking.

Specialized devices such as switches, routers, and access points form the foundation of computer networks. There are two primary types of computer networking:

i)        Wired networking

ii)      Wireless networking


Wired networking requires the use of a physical medium for transport between nodes. Node is term used as a last mile unit at end point, It can be a laptop, computer or any device. Technology Copper-based Ethernet cabling, popular due to its low cost and durability, is commonly used for digital communications.  Alternatively, optical fiber is used to transport data over greater distances and at faster speeds, but it has several conditions, including higher costs and more fragile integration.


Wireless networking uses radio waves to transport data and enabling devices to be connected to a network. Wireless LANs (Local area networking) and WANs( Wide area Networking)  are the most well-known examples in Wireless networking which include Bluetooth , microwave, cellular and, satellite.  As a general rule, wired networking offers greater reliability and durability compared to wireless networks; wireless networking tends to provide more mobility and flexibility.


How does a computer network work

Computer networking requires the use of physical network infrastructure -- including routers and switches. Other components like include the software necessary to monitor, manage the network and, for most to save the data; need to install security firewalls to protect the data from hackers.